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Hi Pat, thanks for sending the link to your webpage. I really enjoyed what I read there and was especially pleased to see the link to Dr. Clark's site as well. Keep up the good work. Hope to speak with you soon. Love and hugs, Sally
hi, I love coco and every kind of dark chocolate! I am very curious now! LOVE LIFE - LIVE TO LOVE Have a Great Day, Stay Safe and Enjoy! Cecil & Michelle Foley
Pat: Thank you for this very interesting information! I will definitely give this a try. Chris A. Rock (Mr.)
Pat, enjoyed your site inmensely I am not a smoker nor chocolate eater but ...once in a while...although I remember that many years back I did eat cocoa, I was dx'd back in 1976 with RR MS. all these years until 1995 I was able to work and live a "normal" (?) life until...and this could be another cause for a BAD reaction for those with MS, I had to undergo surgery, after the amnestisia I couldn't walk any more. Peace and better Health Luis
I went to your site and read it. Very interesting theory. I don’t think I eat too much cocoa, but I do eat a lot of ‘sweets’. I drink way too much coffee but only with milk. I’ve done a good job of staying away from ‘mainstream’ medicine. I use BVT (honeybee venom) and histamine. Although I haven’t gotten worse, I haven’t gotten better – yet. I’m a Biblical Christian with a strong faith and I believe my faith in Jesus Christ is what keeps me going. Steve Kozul
Hi Pat Thanks for your email and I have read your page with great interest.s
Hi Pat I have just read thru your website and, having started the Best Bet Diet one month ago, can agree that what you eat does a lot more to your body than just stop you feeling hungry! Since cutting out all of the gluten, legumes, sugar and dairy products in my diet (which obviously includes chocolate!), I have more energy and my physio sessions are improving each time. I'm glad that you are doing so well! TTFN Jay
Oh please.. you are just another quack who is full of shit when it comes to knowing *anything* about MS! Have you been trolling around the newsgroups to gather addresses? You are just like every other snakeoil salesman/troll out there peddling your useless information to people that truly have a debilitating disease. Don't waste anymore of my time just lose my email address. K? Thanks. 'scuse me.. I need to go find some chocolate now.. but never fear... I'm sure if I wait a half an hour my MS will "fly away" again... <eye roll>
Dear Pat, It was very pleasant to see your letter, and to hear of your sucess with diet. Most MS sufferers are effected by foods and allergies. I had a VEGA test in '95 which pointed to all animal milks and their produce, all gluten grains (wheat,oats,barley and rye) tea/cofee, all citrus fruits, and peppermint! I've kept away from these substances since mmy diagnosis------and also alcohol, I can fall over well enough without. I am a lot better now than in '95. Why all this useful information isnt available through the medical pipeline I dont know, you have to buy books and read, --- and you have to find ou about the books yourself because no-body tells you about them---sad. Congratulations on your letter, and thank-you for sending it; -- I hope it will be seen by all MSers, especially the newly diagnosed. I cant put music or little pictures on this, ignorance I'm afraid. sina cera Clive.
Dear Pat, Its a pleasant surprise to find someone who also has a significant effect after dietary changes. I was diagnosed Primary Progressive IN '95, and since then have read all I could find on MS. Most books have a very diet-conscious attitude, so I had an allergy test (VEGA test), It pointed to ------------ all animal milk and its produce, all GLUTEN grains, all CITRUS produce, and tea/coffee. I am better now than at diagnosis as a result my perseverance. I had another test recently which pointed to other allergies, so it is an ever changing situation. The most significant allergens generally are DAIRY produce and GLUTEN grains (wheat,oats,barley and rye). I wish I had been told about this at my diagnosis. Congratulations on your letter, this information should be published in the magaziene-------and should have been long ago------ I fear that the magazie is more concerned with its revenues from drug companies than in helping people out of wheel chairs. I,m sending this again, I thought I'd lost it! Better health, Clive ------------again.

Hello Pat, I only wanted to tell you that your site is useful to others, too. I have got the link from smb who is a member of lfsep (le forum en français, tu le connais, tu viens de mettre là un message). I also wanted to ask you if you passed the Elisa test. If you did, did it help you? Thanks for your answer (in advance :-), actually, if you answer, please answer on my mail address, not on a mailing list regards, Natalia (Romania)

Hi Pat; I have MS and am a member of an alternative health group here in Vancouver with 50+ members in it. We are always in search of new discoveries and proven remedies that fall outside the usual medical practises. I would dearly like to get in touch with you to get some more information. This information will be distributed to more than 50 others with MS at an alternative health meeting we have every 3rd Wednesday of the month. That is, unless you plan a trip to Vancouver anytime soon where we would invite you to be a guest speaker. Please let me know how we can get in touch with you. Or, if you prefer, please respond to this e-mail if we can continue to keep in touch with you this way. Thanks and best regards, Andrea

Dear Pat', Hello again from the sunny! UK. we do not suffer as badly in winter as you do over there; but, as MS has restricted my peripheral circulation, I still get bloody-cold. I no longer feel the cold though, this is normal after a while. I am glad to see you are still campaigning regarding the dietary issues that invariably accompany MS, and maybe are also its cause. In the UK there is only one MS group going along your path,----- but there are many MSers, who, thanks to people like yourself, are getting the message. ALLERGIES ;----- These are mostly to dairy produce, and to Gluten grains:- wheat oats rye barley Most MSers have quite a few others. There are allergy tests in the UK, and I suppose there must be in Holland; some GP's do it over this side The nasty thing regarding allergies, is that a person develops a craving for the very foods that are effecting them! sad, but true;; so denial is doubly difficult. The problem of allergies and disease is not restricted solely to MS, there are an increasing number of 'Allergy-sufferers', and of conditions caused by allergies. It all sounds to simple to be true;--- but it is. Carry on fighting, the dawn may yet break, Clive.

Dear Pat, Thank-you for writing, I think that if our experiences, and caution regarding dietary issues were taken seriously by medical institutions, and by the poor people with medical problems; our world would be a far better place. I've committed a dietary transgression, and, as a result have slipped further down the MS slope; I hope to recover to my 'acceptable' level of disability in time. This dietary change was at the advice of an MS specialist--- so I don't feel too guilty about it. I am though ( an English expression ) Extremely Pissed-off about it. You are right about the MSRC, its going in our direction regarding MS; its a shame that other (nameless) Multiple Sclerosis societies are intransigent in their ignorant opinions. Moan over, but I feel better for it. I apologise for my use of English, thinking about it, I should limit myself when talking/writing to foreign people. In future, I'll think about this.

Thank you for sharing the food advice I also have noticed adiffrence when I have coffee, choclate. w We have to remember we realy are what we eat and put into our bodies and minds!Bless you!Pat miller

Thank you once again for sharing.Bless You!

I am glad that you wrote to me. How did you get my address? I am very sick at this time. I have lost close to 40 lbs. over the last month or so. I just cant develop an appetite. Nothing sounds good. I feel that I am on my last step. Today I lost my keys and can't find them anywhere and it's driving me crazy. At times I just wish it would all come to an end. I am getting very tired of suffering. I am constantly asking WHY ME? What the hell did I do to deserve this. I am a priest of Wicca, and have pretty much retired becuase I feel that I cannot lead and teach others when I am feeling this way. I really miss being active in the Church, and I know those who have depended on me for years are suffering now and it really gets to me at times. MS is a very lonly disease, others don't really understand how you feel and I feel that I am really letting them down. I have very severe seizures, grand maul and abscence disorder. Please, can you help me to get to where you are at? I use a power wheelchair to get around and can get about a little using 2 canes at home. I would welcome any guidiance you may offer. I look ahead to the future and see nothing but a dead end before me, yet my Wiccan faith and love of working with others as they go through life. I find it very easy to guide others yet feel helpless in helping myself because its hard to look within when I feel so bad all the time. My largest problem is the docters. They really don't care to take the time needed to really be of help. My MS does not show up on the MRI so I am constantly having a hard time with the doctors. I was diagnosed through a spinal Tap in Homer Alaska, and recently,( thanksgiving day, 2002) moved to Columbia South Carolina and I seem to be getting worse since the move, which I made to be near my Family. After arriving in S.C. I found that my family doesn't understand my illness at all. The only one who see's me as being really ill is my father who lives out in the country outsid Camden S.C., so I visit him as often as possible. When I go there I can eat a lot better and I even walked to an old temple that we built ther over 20 years ago. I have taught Wicca all over the country. My main ambition is making sure that people don't get off on the wrong path. Wicca is a religion of love. I have dedicated my life to leading others onto the right path and help them avoid destructive ways. We believe in both a God and Goddess, and the are created through love of all living things. At one time I was a very avid hunter, and always thanked the Lord and Lady when they allow me to harvest from the wild. I am used to harvesting my own food and now I am stuck off in a highly populated area that is full of crime and hate. I look out the window and want to cry. I now live in subsidized housing, and just cannot find peace. I would rather be out in the mountains hunting Caribou and moose. Mother nature is a very good provider of healthy nutrition. I hate eating meat that comes from some poor animal raised fro the sole purpose of slaughter and fed no telling what to fatten them quickly for a fast profit. I would rather be out facing nature on her own ground and and conquering the elements so as to allow me to harvest clean and blessed food. I think my move was a bad mistake and have seriously considered moving back to Alaska. The Lord and Lady have truly blessed that area.Well, I have taken enough of your space. It would be nice to hear back from you. Blessed Be, Sir VIn, Born Luther V. Keene, . May the lord and Lady bless you.

 Thanks Pat you'r gr8                              Love Andy              





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