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Hello you who opened my homepage I would like to tell you why I feel so wonderful well, in spite of my Multiple Scleroses. Without any medication.


Please when you have MS try this because I so much would like you to feel as well as I do. I see so many very sick people with MS around me and I know that this is not necessary.It breaks my heart.You can feel much better when you watch what you eat and drink and listen to your body.

I already have Multiple Scleroses since 1989. Already from the beginning of my diagnoses I feel a difference in my body when I eat or drink certain things I don't support. Then my Multiple Scleroses symptoms get worse. When I stop eating those things it stops and I feel better after a while. Since I don't eat those things at all anymore the horrible symptoms stopped and I got better and better. I have been very ill. I was in a wheelchair because all paralysed from my middle to down, I couldn't talk anymore, could not swallow, my sight was very bad and my head was shaking all the time because of a tremor. Since I watch my food everything came back to me and I am so well now. Since that time I didn't go backwards on the contrary I learned to walk,talk,and swallow again. My head doesn't shake anymore and I am not tired.

I really feel gr8.

When you see me now you will not believe how bad I was at that time. I tell you this all because I know you too can feel better when you do the same. There is a lot of food where you can be allergic to.You will have to find out what food you cannot support. Listen to your body and it will tell you what it doesn't support. In the beginning it is a bit difficult but soon you will learn.

Stop eating and drinking the food that you dont support and you will feel much better.




It all started in September 1989. I became paralysed within 3 weeks. Doctors diagnosed MS after a MRI scan and so. During the three month in hospital I discovered something wonderful. Something that completely changed my view of Multiple Scleroses. Now I know for sure:

I really would like to shout it out loud but than everyone thinks I have gone nuts. So please tell this to veryone who has MS. This is really true . Please try it and you will see.





I have discovered that ms is nothing more than an allergic reaction or you better can say a food intolerance.


The minute I took a piece of chocolate the numbness in my head became worse and flew away after half an hour. First I didnít take any attention because I realy loved chocolates. But because the feeling was so horrible I talked about it with the neurologist.
She said me to go on eating it because I liked it so much and she didnít see many harm in it. Only the revalidation doctor told me he had spoken with another doc ( I call her the chocolate doc) who said that ms became worse with cocoaproducts. He said to me it was a strange story but was very astonished that I didnít know about that. He told me to stop and I did because the "pain" in my face was not nice.

Every day I became better and better, even came out of my wheelchair and learned how to walk again.

After a few month I came in contact with that chocolate doc and she said she was glad that I found it out myself.
She told me about the allergic theory. The "bulbs" you get with an allergic reaction on your skin dont come there but in the central nerve system. For me that was a very logic story.
She also told me that her mother also had MS. She was very bad when she lived in Indonesia. But when she came into a Japanese camp during the war she was the onlyone who became better and better. That was because she loved chocolate, but didnít get it anymore in the camp.

stop eating chocolats

I already try to warn all the ms patients for over 16 years because I know that cocoa is so dangerous for them.I just discovered the Flavour Enhancer E 621. I didn't feel well after eating it. There are more things that ms patients cant support but I dont like them so I
dont eat them. Me I cant support red wine, oranges (they always say it is so healthy But not for me) so also orange jus, Coca Cola ,fish and nutmeg . But I blame the chocolate the most. This I think is the worst food.

Listen well to your body.But How? ( Click on the blue word if you want to know how you do this)


It will tell you what it likes or not.You will realy feel it.
Think of it as a diet. It is a personal diet. For every singel person there counts a differend diet. It can be that the things I cannot support another person can support. So you must find out for yourself .


You can find me often in ms chatrooms on internet . There I talk to ms patients all over the world, like America ,Australia, New Zealand and lots of other countries.There I meet even children of 16 years and older with ms and then I am very sorry for them. They often donít believe me and they say they need chocolate for the sex . It gives them energy.

You know? I often thought about it and I probably also would not believe quickly if
someone tells you this. Think of it: taking away my chocolates. NOWAY!

I is a pitty but not too many people will do it. Most of them rather take those medicins. They are very expensive and also very bad for your body.And ............. be honnest they dont realy help. I even heard about people who get a chemotherapy. It doesnít help but the doctors have tried again and the poor people are used for this. CHEMOTHERAPY !!!!!!!
Can you imagine?????? Thought this was ment for another illness! The newest therapy now, in Holland where I live (it was written in the paper),is the transplantation of the marrow in the bone. OHHHHH NOOOOO another experiment?


But a lot of ms patients dont want to try their lives without cocoaproducts because it tastes so nice and because the doctor most of the time are not against it.


It is very strange but if I would tell you that I know a very good medicine, that helps me very well , you all will run to your doc
to get this med but now............

Telling about it often goes wrong.I spoke someone who became very cross with me and told me that I make people uncertain.He even said that it is my fault when someone does something stupid with his live.But this is not at all my intention. I only try to warn people and if they want to do it , it is their own decision. They do it for themselves and not for me.


Often people tell me they hardly eat any chocolate. But "hardly " is hardly too much.
Or when people tells me they never eat any chocolate, I ask them if they dont like chocolate sweets or candies or chocolate ice-cream,or cocoa on their cappucino or so they donít know what to say anymore. COCOA is often hidden in a lot of things even they put it in gravy sometimes, in Coca Cola there is cocoa.

Do you know there even is cocoa in tobacco? So when you smoke and never have any cocoa it still will come into your body. And when you do the diet and you smoke it wont help because of that.

And you have to look very well to find it. Me I donít eat chocolate anymore because it scares me. Difficult? yes, very, specially when I
see a Mars or another chocolate candybar.....Hmmmmmmm.

The other day I was at a fleemarket and I saw two ladies in an electric wheelchair . I could see they had ms and I went to them. They were in the restaurant. yes.......they had a nice cup of hot cocoa and they ate a chocolate biscuit.
Then I told them my story and youknow???????...............THEY ALREADY KNEW, BUT THEY WERE SO FOND OF IT ( now I am screaming).

I am very sorry but often I have the feeling that people "love" to have "something". They like to complain always. Why is it they dont try? It must be unbelief. This concludes not everyone of course.

My neighbour whoís wife also had ms said to me when I warned him : Oh let her eat the very few chocolates she has in a month. She has nothing in life.......

Yes it is very difficult but worth while to try it. TO REALY TRY IT. But please you have to be consistant. Dont do it so now en then. It wont work.

Most people are very proud at themselves when they do it for 14 days but they start to eat chocolates again when they dont jump out of their wheelchair after that. Of course it doesnít go as quick as that and you realy have to keep up. Perhaps it takes a lifetime.

There are so many other things you can take instead . Think of the things you have and not of the things you dont have.



Since a few years I have been told that it is a cause of the enzyme p450 ( CYP) in our body. This enzyme doesn't work or we dont even have one. That causes the allergic reaction or the food intolerance. I am not a doctor so I dont understand anything of it. The only thing I know is thast they are doing research on it. But that takes a lot of time That time we havent got so we have to do something about it for our selves. So please be awair of what you eat .


I know the ms doesnít go away but it will make your life more pleasant. I realy want this very bad for all of you. Thatís why I made this homepage. And................ dont listen to all the people and doctors who tell you it is nonsense because it is not. YOU have ms , the doctor hasnít. Let them just talk. There are doctors who even know about this and wonít tell you because they prefere to prescribe meds. It all has to do with money I honestly are sure of that.



For me it is very difficult to accept that there are always people who have comment even before it is tried. Please dont do this! I know it will help and I realy wish you will feel much better
I want to shout it out loud PLEASE TRY IT , IT HELPS YOU. But please you have to be consistant. Dont do it so now en then. It wont work.With love from Pat


Good luck !

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