look at Mutiple Sclerosis this way

How do you listen to your body?
I will try to explain how I feel if something is wrong.

Maybe I told you already but Englisch is not my first language so sorry for all the mistakes I Make. I only hope you will understand what I am trying to say. Here we go

When you have MS you know that you have good days but also bad days and even good hours and bad hours. When you feel good and after that the situation changes, that must ring a bell. It can be that your legs get a stiff feeling, or you can get tired very sudden, or you don't walk as the hours before or it hurts more somwhere then before or you get more sensibillety difficulties, your blatter goes wrong

( there can be hundreds of more different things that can get wrong). When you feel like that, you must think: What have I been eating the last few hours or even the last few days. Then you stop eating these things for a long time and when you feel better you can try it once more.
The best thing you do is to write everything you eat or drink during the day down on a piece of paper. People do eat things very easy that they dont even notice. After a while you have forgotten it and don't think about it anymore. When you write everything down you remember everything you eat. Please don't forget the drinks.

In the page of my "chocolate doc" you will find a list. It is just a guide-line.They are only sugestions from other people with MS. So it will not always mean that you are allergic to all the nutrition that is on the list. You will have to find out yourself. It sometimes even can be that you are allergic to one of the nutritions on the allowed list. So be careful and use the list only as a guide.


The worst for all of us MS patients is cocoa. That is chocolates and everything that has to do with it and also the cocoa that is hidden.

Think you do a sort of a diet.MS patients can have problems with many things. The only thing that is very bad for all MS patients is cocoa. I always look at the ingredients.
Be always careful because cocoa you cannot always see. It is hidden in many things. Think f.a. cappucino with the cocoa on top. And the white chocolat and the cocoabutter are bad too. Be carefull in Coca Cola you find cocoa.Also the once that are sugarfree.

But not only cocoa is for me a bad case. I cannot support f.e. oranges, fish, red wine, nutmegg and spicy herbs you often find in Chinese restaurants.

Yesterday something happened to me . I had a litle salty snack and after 2 hours my legs started to do very strange They hurted and one of them was numb. I nearly fell on the floor. I checked what I had been eaten and saw it was the snack. I looked at the ingrediënts and immidiatly saw the cause it was Flavour Enhancer E 621. This is very bad stuff and gives a lot of troubles for the health. You often find it in potato chips and always in Chinees food. Look what my chocolate doctor has on her list of forbidden things.


I have heard that many people can't support marzipan and almond paste.There are a lot of pigment and sometimes cocoa in it. Maybe that is why people get so many strokes during Christmas time. Food like that we eat a often in december

But please you have to be consistant. Dont do it so now en then. It wont work.

I also hear talking about women who begin their MS just after they gave birth to a child.

MS often starts after a exiting moment. With me it started after my son had fallen from the diving board of a swimmingpool and landed on the border of the pool. He came at the i.c. of the hospital. That was a very exiting time. ( everything became ok). When you just had a childbirth it is exiting too and after that you can relax in your bed and often you do that with chcolates or some glases of wine.So MS often starts after a childbirth. Maybe some of you say by reading this:"Yes I had the same experience".

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